Reon Spoutfilter

It was nineteenhundredthirty-six –
the original was invented by Reon

Image "About:tuellensieb_original.jpg"
The historic flat bag
Image "About:tuellensieb_verpackung.jpg"
The new flat bag

The Reon® Spoutfilter was developed in 1936. It is suitable for all beverages poured from the spout, either hot or cold.

The Reon® Spoutfilter is manufactured in pure handcrafting. An independent German laboratory watch about our height quality standarts of producing and hygiene, in the context food and consumer article law for the protection of health and the protection from deception.

Easy to use

You can use the Reon® Spoutfilter with every spout from 8 till 20mm. For more instructions, please watch our movie.
The Reon® Spoutfilter is easy to clean, stainless and dishwasherproof. For the first use, please clean the spout filter with hot water.

Please be carefull: The Reon® Spoutfilter is sharp edged and if your are not carefull, perhaps you will get violations! The sput filter can be swallowed. Therefore, prevent it for childrens or animales! For inappropriate or misused handling we do not take any warranty!