Reon Spoutfilter

One piece, two functions –
the Reon Spoutfilter for the drip-proofed tea pleasure

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Built-in drip catcher –
the curved handle makes it possible

Easy, genial and the perfect solution for an old problem: The drip catcher is mainly used to protect the tablecloth from drips. The drip catcher can easily be bent into the suitable position to fit into the respected spout. Due to adhesive power the drip flows back into the teapot. The sleeve inside the spout retains the tealeaves but sets the pure taste.

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Easy to use –
manifold opportunities

You are able to use the Reon® Spoutfilter not only for your tea ceremony: You can use it as spout filter and drip catacher for example for coffee cans, herb oil bottles, herb vinegar bottles or vine bottles, also.

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The Reon® Spoutfilter know as the East Frisian tea-broom, acts as a tea strainer holding back the tea leaves but lets all the flavour of the tea unfold.

The spout filter has been developed by the company Reon® in 1936. We are sure you will find the spout filter that has been fried and tested for over 70 years a realy joy to use and a great benefit to you.